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International trade law

Marco Tupponi is the coordinator and senior partner of the firm, which he founded in 1992.

Customs, transport and taxation

Giuseppe De Marinis is an expert in customs and international transport law.

Litigation and payments

Alessandro Russo coordinates the litigation, debt recovery and international payments area.


Training to businesses is one of the main areas of focus of the firm.

Lithuania country focus: legal and tax aspects

The Lithuania is the largest of the three Baltic countries and, because of its geographical position, it forms a natural bridge to a wider market, which includes Belarus, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Russia. 

Foreign partners

In order to better support its clients operating in the Mediterranean and in Asia, the firm Tupponi, De Marinis, Russo & Partners has established a close cooperation with international law firms based in Turkey, China, India and Russia.

Libyan business law and practice: a contractual opportunity for italian enterprises

This paper brings to light the business legal climate in Libya after the civil revolution of 2011, and connects it to the broader system of international trade law, therewith outlining formal points of contact and differences. This research also reviews both the legal opportunities and requirements that foreign enterprises should meet to invest in the country. 

Manual of International Trade Law

Wrote by the partners of the firm. In December 2014, printed the updated second edition (Giappichelli ed.).

Joint ventures and network contract

The contractual forms of cooperation among businesses (Marco Tupponi - ed. CEDAM 2012).

Quarterly Newsletter on foreign trade (IT)

A network of professionals who provide businesses with logistic, legal and commercial support for internationalization.


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