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Anna Montefinese

Consultant. Anna Montefinese has a Master’s degree in International Studies and Diplomacy at the University of Bologna (University campus of Forlì). She has been the administration manager of the firm Tupponi, De Marinis, Russo & Partners since 2011.

Expert in EU Calls for tenders and Community programmes, she analyses the different sources of information and carries out preliminary research to access funding opportunities – also at regional and national level – on:

  • Internationalization
  • Research and innovation
  • Energy and environment
  • Network contracts

Anna Montefinese provides support in the definition of project strategies to access funding opportunities.

Proficient in English and Spanish.


Author of several papers on EU Programmes and Calls for tenders published on AE Attività con l’Estero:

  • Verso il 2014-2020: Strumenti e opportunità finanziarie per le PMI
  • Appalti internazionali: scenari e nuove opportunità per le PMI
  • Opportunità di finanziamento per PMI ed Enti Pubblici. Programma ENPI CBC Med
  • COSME: il futuro programma per incentivare la competitività delle imprese e le PMI nel periodo 2014 – 2020


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