Manual of International Trade Law

Wrote by the partners of the firm. In September 2019, printed the updated third edition (Giappichelli ed.).

The topics covered in this book range from contracts to international business relations, systems of payment and international guarantees, customs and transportation law, as well as currency regulations and international tax planning.

The underlying theme of this book – edited by Giappichelli Editore – is the search for preventive solutions based on the knowledge of individual issues and therefore useful to avoid the occurrence of chronic problems within contractual relations.

The analysis of this complex matter is dealt with by the authors in a very clear manner through a technical and operational approach, which is the result of their long-time experience.

The manual addresses: entrepreneurs, managers, import/export operators and university students.

Structure of the manual

  • Current regulations: currency regulation, money laundering and terrorism prevention regulations, fiscal monitoring (Tupponi, M.).
  • The contract under the Italian law: basics and comparative overview (Tupponi, M.).
  • The international contract (Tupponi, M.).
  • The main international contractual forms (Tupponi, M.).
  • International transportation of goods and the role of Incoterms in international trade (De Marinis, G.).
  • Regulations and customs obligations in foreign transactions (De Marinis, G.).
  • International payments and documentary credits (Russo, A.).
  • Bank guarantees (Russo, A.)
  • Financing to support internationalization processes (Russo, A.).
  • Export credit insurance and SACE products (Russo, A.).
  • Export financing through the purchase of accounts receivable: factoring and forfaiting (Tupponi, M.).
  • Fiscal aspects in foreign transactions (Piccinino, L.).

Price: EUR 34.00 (Pages 420 – October 2012).


G. Giappichelli Editore – Turin