Foreign partners

In order to better support its clients operating in the Mediterranean and in Asia, the firm Tupponi, De Marinis, Russo & Partners has established a close cooperation with international law firms based in Turkey, China, India and Russia.

Istanbul: Mediterraneo H.T.I.

Haricî Ticaret İstişâre -  Law firm incorporated by young professionals with an extensive knowledge of the Turkish business world and economic system, providing:

  • Business scouting services (market analysis, identification of local partners for trade or industrial partnerships)
  • Real estate, legal, administrative and tax consulting services  
  • Logistic services (customs operation management, identification of the most suitable partner for transport, storage and distribution activities).

Beijing: Jun He

Jun He is one of the most important Chinese law firm and in March 2012 it won the award Best Asian Law Firm. The group, incorporated in 1989:

  • Has 9 offices (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dalian, Haikou, Hong Kong, New York and Silicon Valley)
  • and employs approximately 400 lawyers with an outstanding level of foreign language proficiency.

Delhi: Pramod Gupta & Co

Pramod Gupta & Co (PGC) is a firm that operates in India through the cooperation of a network of experienced and qualified professionals. PGC provides:

  • Legal advice (start up of foreign investments, product certifications, intellectual property protection)
  • Business processing outsource services (accounting, auditing and tax planning). 

Singapore: Elit Consulting Elit Consulting - Tupponi

Elit Consulting is a firm based in Singapore and provides:

  • business scouting services (market analysis, identification of local partners search for trade or industrial partnerships)
  • Real estate, administrative and tax consulting services 
  • management of all the requirements to start a business, identifying the optimal location for the office, operating spaces and selection of staff.