Tupponi, De Marinis, Russo & Partners Firm

Tupponi, De Marinis, Russo & Partners, incorporated in 1991, is an international business law firm headquartered in Forlì. It provides support to businesses, particularly SMEs engaging in trade and investment operations within different legal systems.

Tupponi, De Marinis, Russo and partners

Integrated business support

Tupponi, De Marinis, Russo & Partners provide legal advice on:

  • Law and practice of international trade (contracts, customs, transportation, methods of payment, taxation)
  • Company law (overseas incorporation, joint ventures, business network contracts)
  • Domestic and international litigation
  • Competition law and market regulation
  • International Competitive Bidding
  • Monitoring of Calls for proposals issued by the European Commission and other International financial institutions
  • Real Estate

Management training

Our firm provides specialised training and collaborates with:

  • Prestigious business schools (Il Sole 24 Ore, Cuoa, ICE)
  • The universities of Bologna and Macerata
  • Trade associations and Chambers of commerce all over Italy.


If you wish to apply for an internship at our firm, please send your CV together with an abstract of your dissertation via e-mail.



Tupponi, De Marinis, Russo & Partners provide information and documentation on foreign and sectoral regulations also through a close cooperation with important law firms operating in strategic markets for the “Made in Italy”: Turkey, China, India and Russia.

Marco Tupponi, Giuseppe De Marinis and Alessandro Russo are partners of Commercioestero Network, an association set up with a view to promoting study and research programmes and to fostering the development of overseas projects in favour of Italian SMEs.